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Want to contact a BLS Standing Committee? Below are links to the committee officers.

Also below are links to the pages that each committee maintains in the Business Law Section's members only area. To access these pages, you will need to sign into My State Bar Profile.


Agribusiness Committee

Lauren D. Layne, Chair
Mark R. Bateman, Vice Chair
TBD, Vice Chair of Legislation
Elise C. O’Brien, Vice Chair of Programs
Kari E. Fisher, Vice Chair of Publications

Business Law News Editorial Board

Editorial Board Page

Kenneth W. Minesinger, Editor-in-Chief
Everett L. Green, Co-Vice Chair
Jerome A. Grossman, Co-Vice Chair

Business Litigation

Val D. Hornstein, Co-Chair
Peter L. Isola, Co-Chair
Steven J. Garcia, Co-Vice Chair
Justine M. Adamec, Co-Vice Chair
Ellen R. Fenichel, Co-Secretary
Lisa A. Jacobs, Co-Secretary

Commercial Transactions Committee(formerly UCC)

John R. Engel, Co-Chair
Loren R. Gordon, Co-Chair
Hollie L. K. Higgins, Co-Vice Chair
TBD, Co-Vice Chair

Consumer Financial Services Committee

Andrew W. Noble, Chair
Tricia E. Engelhardt, Vice Chair of Communications
Hadi R. Seyed-Ali, Vice Chair of Legislation
Sanford P. Shatz, Vice Chair of Membership
Brian B. Farrell, Co-Vice Chair of Programs
Matthew M. Loker, Co-Vice Chair of Programs

Corporations Committee

William M. Ross, Co-Chair
Douglas M. Wade, Co-Chair
Michelle L. Jacko, Vice Chair of Education
Istvan Benko, Co-Vice Chair of Judicial Developments
Darren L. Nunn, Vice Chair of Legislation
Jerry T. Yen, Vice Chair of Publications
Evan T. Pickering, Secretary

Financial Institutions Committee

Daniel F. Wheeler, Chair
Mia S. Blacker, Co-Vice Chair
Jeffrey G. Huron, Secretary
Michael K. Slattery, Co-Vice Chair
Randye B. Soref, Co-Vice Chair

Franchise Law Committee

Leopoldo A. Bautista, Co-Chair
Donna L. Wanser, Co-Chair
Matthew J. Kreutzer, Vice Chair of Legislation
Taylor M. Vernon, Vice Chair of Membership
Gerard P. Davey, Vice Chair of Programs
Kim A. Lambert, Co-Vice Chair of Publications
Nicola J. McDowall, Co-Vice Chair of Publications
Bruce J. Napell, Case Reporter
Patricia L. Stoop, Secretary
David S. Levaton, Social Media Coordinator

Health Law Committee

David D. Johnson, Chair
H. Thomas Watson, Vice Chair of Communications  
Judith A. Waltz, Vice Chair of Education
Long X. Do, Co-Vice Chair of Legislation
Carol D. Scott, Co-Vice Chair of Legislation
David K. Leatherberry, Vice Chair of Litigation
Grant B. Gelberg, Vice Chair of Membership
Emily J. Cook, Co-Vice Chair of Regulation
Gabriel R. Ravel, Co-Vice Chair of Regulation
Craig S. Rutenberg, Secretary

Insolvency Law Committee

Reno F. R. Fernandez, Co-Chair
Assaf S. Hami, Co-Chair
Radmila A. Fulton, Co-Vice Chair
John N. Tedford, Co-Vice Chair
Rebecca J. Winthrop, Secretary

Insurance Law Committee

Virginia A. Bolman, Co-Chair
Robert J. Cerny, Co-Chair
TBD, Vice Chair of Appellate
TBD, Vice Chair of Communications
TBD, Vice Chair of Legislation
TBD, Vice Chair of Membership
TBD, Vice Chair of Programs
TBD, Vice Chair of Regulation

Internet & Privacy Law Committee
(formerly Cyberspace Law Committee)

Veronica Besmer, Co-Chair
Ravi M. Puri, Co-Chair
Mark B. Aldrich, Vice Chair

Nonprofit Organizations Committee

Myron S. Steeves, Chair
Louis E. Michelson, Vice Chair of Communications
TBD, Vice Chair of Legislation
Carol A. Bradford, Vice Chair of Membership
Lani M. Collins, Vice Chair of Policies
TBD, Vice Chair of Programs
Trisha E. Newman, Vice Chair of Social Media
Sophia M. Chang, Secretary

Opinions Committee

James F. Fotenos, Co-Chair
Peter S. Szurley, Co-Chair
Kenneth J. Carl, Vice Chair
Carol K. Lucas, Vice Chair of Communications
Richard N. Frasch, Vice Chair of Social Media
Suzanne L. Weakley, Secretary

Partnerships and LLCs Committee

Teri L. K. Shugart, Chair
Soyeun D. Choi, Vice Chair
Nina L. Hong, Secretary

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