1992 Franchise Opinions

The Business Law Section is compiling the complete Interpretive Opinions concerning franchise issues from the State of California Department of Corporations.

Here is the archive for 1992. The archive for this year is complete.

  • Opinion No. 92 / 1F - February 7, 1992

    Summary: Sub franchisor was not exempt under Section 31102 when it failed to sell its entire franchise instead, selling parts of its subfranchise under separate franchise agreements.

    Key Words:
    31110, subfranchisor, exemption, 31102, 31009, 31008.5

  • Opinion No. 92 / 2F - September 30, 1992

    Summary: Development agent that (a) received a percentage of franchise fees and royalties, both based on the ability of the development agent to sell, open and oversee franchised units within a geographic area, and (b) was required to meet a development schedule measured by gross sales and operating requirements, was a subfranchisor. 

    Key Words: 31008.5, subfranchise, consideration, percent, units, royalty, gross sales, schedule