1978 Franchise Opinions

The Business Law Section is compiling the complete Interpretive Opinions concerning franchise issues from the State of California Department of Corporations.

Here is the archive for 1978. The archive for this year is complete.

  • Opinion No. 78 / 1F - May 9, 1978

    Summary: Commercial symbol of manufacturer was not substantially associated with distributors' operations as the commercial symbol was only brought to the attention of the distributors' customers in connection with the delivery of the manufacturer's catalog, delivered with numerous other catalogs. 

    Key Words: 31005, substantially associated, commercial symbol, distributor, 31011

  • Opinion No. 78 / 2F - July 10, 1978

    Summary: Real estate broker using the franchisor's marketing plan and commercial symbol constituted an area franchise under Section 31008 when broker had the right to negotiate and sell franchises of franchisor. 

    Key Words: Area franchises, 31008, 25019, real estate, 31210, marketing plan, symbol

  • Opinion No. 78 / 3F - November 13, 1978

    Summary: Franchisor was determined to be exempt from registration requirements of Section 31110 when it had a $4 billion net worth, more than 25 franchisees and had been operating for 5 years. 

    Key Words: 31101, 31110, exemption, net worth, 5 years, 25 franchisees

  • Opinion No. 78 / 4F - November 13, 1978

    Summary: Purchase agreement was not found to be a franchise when the commercial symbol of  putative franchisor was not substantially associated with the business of the putative franchises. 

    Key Words: 31005, purchase agreement, substantially associated, symbol