1977 Franchise Opinions

The Business Law Section is compiling the complete Interpretive Opinions concerning franchise issues from the State of California Department of Corporations.

Here is the archive for 1977. The archive for this year is complete.

  • Opinion No. 77 / 1F - February 3, 1977

    Summary: License agreement granting licensees the right to use manufacturer's trademarks and service marks in connection with the marketing of the product and the payment of an initial fee of $10,000 was not a franchise because the control asserted by manufacturer was designed to protect its patent rights and to maintain the "high quality for the product to be sold by licensees."

    Key Words: 31005, manufacturer, trademarks, service marks, substantially associated, commercial symbol, license, fee, patent

  • Opinion No. 77 / 2F - February 3, 1977

    Summary: Out-of-state franchisee's move to California, along with the renewal and material changes to the franchise agreement, did not subject the franchisor to the registration requirements of California because the offer or sale of the franchise was not deemed to be made "in this state."

    Key Words: 31110, 31018, sale, renewal, material change, 31013, move, relocate, state

  • Opinion No. 77 / 3F - March 15, 1977

    Summary: Sale of franchise by out-of-state franchisor to out-of-state franchisee, for the operation of a franchise in California, was not subject to the registration laws of California because the contract was not entered into in California and the franchisee was not "domiciled" in California.

    Key Words: 31110, 31013, offer, sale, domiciled, state, location