Corporations Committee 2005 Opinions Report: Legal Opinions in Business Transactions (October 2007 Revision)

The Corporations Committee of the Business Law Section has published its report, Legal Opinions in Business Transactions (Excluding the Remedies Opinion). Over two years in the making, the Report updates and expands the Committee's 1989 Report on Legal Opinions In Business Transactions.

Topics addressed include the definition and purpose of a legal opinion in a business transaction; the legal standards applicable to the preparation of the opinion; the preparation of an opinion letter; certain common opinions and special issues under California law and practice; and related topics.

The Report includes an extensive bibliography, and is an integral part of the Section's update of its publications on opinion practice, which includes the Opinion Committee's January 2005 Report on Third-Party Remedies Opinions and the upcoming report by the Section's UCC Committee on Legal Opinions in Personal Property Secured Transactions.

Reviewed prior to publication by the Section's Opinions Committee and other opinion practice experts, the 2007 printing reflects changes made in connection with publication of the 3rd Edition of the GLAZER & FITZGIBBON treatise and is extensively quoted in it. 

We have posted an online version of the document.  See Legal Opinions In Business Transactions.

Or you can order a hard copy in our Sections Bookstore: Order Hard Copy.

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